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Common Questions

Why should my family switch to Benelife Green Products?
BeneLife Green is committed to delivering the just safest products in the USA.  We continue to search for better products.  We have not found anything safer than the cleaner and disinfectant in the BeneLife Green line.

Will the year of Chemical Free Living really last for a full year?
The Year of Chemical Free Living includes a gallon of cleaner and a gallon of disinfectant. It should clean and disinfect for a year of average home use.

Our concentrated Multi-Purpose Cleaner will make 256 quarts (19 cents a quart) of general purpose cleaner, or 256 gallons of floor cleaner, or about 50-60 quarts (90 cents a quart) of heavy duty cleaning.  Since most cleaners are sold in 22 oz bottles, that works out to 75 or 80 bottles of Fantastic or 370 bottles of Windex.

Clearly, this is much more than the average home.  What you will discover is that the cleaner really cleans.  Because it is so extraordinarily safe, you clean with our 100% botanical cleaner more than with chemical cleaners.  If you use it for major cleaning jobs, scrubbing out the home you just bought, cleaning the basement or attic for the first time in years, you may use the entire gallon in a year.  It is not uncommon for people to use 3-4 quarts a week because it’s so safe.  Can you imagine doing that with chemical cleaners? 

The disinfectant is not concentrated.  It’s ready to use.  With a gallon, you get about six 22 oz bottles.  We have not found many homes that go through a 22 oz bottle of disinfectant every 2 months.  On the other hand, people do fall in love with Benefect Disinfectant.  You will find additional uses, because it is less toxic than vinegar.  Remember:  Clean dirt with our Multi-Purpose Cleaner; kill germs with Benefect Disinfectant.  Even though it’s 100% botanical, and contains all food grade ingredients, Benefect Disinfectant is a germ kill.  Some bacteria is healthy, like the bacteria in your stomach.  Use Benefect Disinfectant when you believe there are dangerous germs:  after cutting chicken on the counter, after your child or pet throws up on the rug, friends coughed and sneezed all over your child’s toys, or as a regular disinfecting regiment on your phone, keyboard, countertops and door knobs, or prevent growth of mold and mildew in showers and bathtubs.  Of course, we also know people are so comforted by using 100% botanical Benefect Disinfectant, that they do tend to use it more than chemical disinfectants.

100% Botanical Impact Carpet Cleaner- Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our 100% Botanical Impact Carpet Cleaner works.  It carries the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Seal (CRI).  This seal certifies Impact cleans rugs and carpets at the highest industry standards while not disturbing the tint, color, or re-soiling resistance.  Manufacturers, such as Shaw and Mohawk, insist on this seal in order to keep the warranty in place.  If you use a cleaner without this seal, it can void the warranty.

Environmental Safety
Besides being made with 100% renewable products, Impact has less than 0.01% Volatile Organic Compounds, or VOCs.  VOCs are the gases that become airborne from carpets, furniture, cleaners, and other sources that hurt indoor air quality.  They are usually the cause of sick building syndrome.  Green Seal allows a carpet cleaner to have up to 3% VOCs when diluted.  With less than 0.01% VOCs, Impact Carpet Cleaner has 300 times less than the allowable environmental or green industry standard.  It’s that environmentally safe.

Can I clean my carpet and upholstery without harming my children or pets?
Yes, Impact Carpet & Fabric Cleaner will work in any carpet-cleaning machine.  It has zero VOCs, and is 100% botanical. 

Benefect Multi-Purpose Cleaner (MPC) is the safest green-certified cleaner on the continent.  It will also work beautifully in most carpet cleaning machines.  The MPC has a unique green seal for hypersensitivity.  Water has a toxicity level of about 14,500, MPC, in its concentrated form, has a toxicity level of about 12,000, so it’s just a little less toxic than tap water.  We could not find another cleaner with a toxicity level over 5,000.

How do I know your cleaners are effective?
Our Impact Cleaner carries the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) certification for safety and efficacy.  This certifies that Impact passed tests proving it cleans safely, effectively, without damage to carpets, or risk of re-soiling.

Atomic Botanical Cleaner & Degreaser

This is a high performance degreaser that removes particles even when they are burnt on to a surface.  Because it acts at the molecular level, Atomic will even clean fire, soot, and smoke damage on walls, floors, woodwork, and appliances with minimal labor.  It will also remove most of the odors associated with smoke damage.  Atomic also makes a great botanical oven and BBQ cleaner.

Environmentally Safe
Atomic is made from botanically based ingredients using next generation dynamic technology that enables these plant-based ingredients to safely out perform synthetic solvent products.  Atomic contains no VOCs, Most solvent-based degreasers contain up to 50% VOCs.  It also does not contain any petrochemicals, dyes, fragrances, phosphates, alkyl/nonyl phenols or other hazardous or unnecessary ingredients.


Why should I disinfect?
Many germs, such as Strep, Staph, E-coli, as well as Athlete’s Foot fungus, and mold & mildew, can contribute to severe or dangerous health problems.  Germs can live up to 3 days on surfaces that you and your children touch. Desks, phones, and keyboards have an average of over 20,000 germs per square inch.  Toilet seats average 50 germs per square inch.  People don’t get sick from the cold; they get sick from bacteria, viruses, fungus, mold and mildew as well as acquiring respiratory problems from germs.  Disinfecting with Benefect Disinfectant can kill those germs without using any dangerous chemicals.

When should I disinfect?
The general rule of thumb: clean if it’s dirty, disinfect if you think there are harmful germs. 

What will Benefect kill?
Benefect has been proven to kill 99.99% of tested bacteria, virus, fungus, plus mold, mildew and odors.  The EPA classifies it as “broad spectrum” or hospital grade (#74771-1).

What is the EPA?
The EPA, or Environmental Protection Agency, is the U.S. government agency that regulates chemical products such as insecticides and pesticides. The EPA is responsible for registering the tested effectiveness and classifying the safety of each product for use for both the consumer and the environment. Before an insecticide, pesticide (disinfectant) may be sold; it must be registered and approved by the EPA for kill claims and safety.

What does it mean when you say hospital grade or hospital grade?
The EPA’s definition of a “broad spectrum” disinfectant is one that has shown to kill all three of the major classes of organisms. 
Bacteria – kills both gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, including: Staphylococcus aureus, Salmonella cholerasuis and Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Fungi – kills at least one pathogenic fungi 
Viruses – kills pathogenic viruses 
(Sanitizers are not broad spectrum since they are only meant to reduce bacteria levels.)

Is Benefect safe?
It’s a disinfectant, and so by definition, it kills germs.  The EPA is very clear that a “killer” should never be classified as “safe.”  However, The EPA has four toxicity categories.   Toxic means able to cause harmful health effects.  Because Benefect has the unusual classification of Toxicity Category IV, no first aid statements are required.    

 Toxicity Category I …………………….DANGER
 Toxicity Category II ………………….. WARNING
 Toxicity Category III …………………..CAUTION
 Toxicity Category IV…………………. None Require- Benefect Disinfectant’s Category 

What happens if our child accidentally gets it in her eyes or mouth?
See the Benefect Disinfectant Material Safety Data Sheet, easily found on our website under Product Info, has the following information:

Eye:                  No effect as per FIFRA CFR 10 Part 162.10
Skin:                 No effect as per FIFRA CFR 10 Part 162.10
Ingestion:          No effect as per FIFRA CFR 10 Part 162.10
Inhalation:         No effect as per FIFRA CFR 10 Part 162.10

Who discovered Benefect?
Benefect was developed in Canada about 8 years ago.  A big chemical manufacturer did not develop it.  A concerned father and grandmother of a chemically sensitive, immune-suppressed child developed Benefect.  Because it is so groundbreaking, it took a while to make sure it passed the proper rigorous testing necessary to classify it as a hospital-grade disinfectant.  Prior to Benefect, the EPA had never approved a 100% botanical disinfectant.  Benefect’s unique, patented technology continues to hold that unique distinction today.

If Benefect is so great, why haven’t I heard about it?
BeneLife Green just opened our consumer division in 2007.  Benefect is well known in Canada, (it is the only disinfectant approved by the Canadian Government’s Health Canada and Environment Canada) but it has only been in the United States for a few years.  It was first brought to the USA as a mold & mildew killer.

Will it really kill mold and mildew in my shower, tub, & bathroom?
Yes.  Benefect will kill mold & mildew in those places as well as basements, garages, kitchens and other places.  For all germ killing regardless of products, the proper steps are: clean first, then disinfect.  So, mold and mildew should be cleaned first. We are getting numerous calls these days by mold and mildew remediation companies telling us that insurance companies are starting to insist on Benefect being used in the process to kill a mold problem.

What’s the difference between Benefect Disinfectant and hand sanitizers?
Most hand sanitizers are ethyl alcohols, which can cause intoxication, or alcohol poisoning.  The warnings are very clear: “If swallowed contact Poison control immediately.”  With Benefect, the MSDS says if swallowed there is no effect.  The instructions suggest drink a glass of water. You can carry the travel size spray bottle to disinfect toilet seats, faucets, toys, shopping carts, doctor’s office doorknobs, or any place that concerns you.

The Meaning of Green

What’s a green certification?
Environmental Choice (Canada) and Green Seal (USA) provide independent, transparent, and science-based environmental standards.  Certifications are awarded for products and services that have reduced the environmental impact of that product or service compared to other common products, such as cleaners, paints, hotels, and windows.  These are essential in today’s educated and competitive market.

Why do so many companies claim their products are non-toxic?
Go to Consumer Reports site concerning label information:  Non-toxic is a non-regulated term.  Some label words and phrases that have little meaning, and their use on a label are not verified, include:
  • Earth Smart
  • Eco Safe
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Environmentally preferable
  • Environmentally safe
  • Fragrance free
  • Green
  • Nature’s friend
  • Non-toxic
Some terms are very meaningful:
Our products that have specific, independent certifications are very meaningful.

Some of these certifications include:

Other Questions

Why do you give free spray bottles with your disinfectant and cleaner?
Saving bottles is saving the environment. Our multi-purpose cleaner makes 256 quart of cleaner.  That’s 250 bottles that don’t go into landfills.

Does you disinfectant have a scent to it? 
Yes, the natural lemon and thyme in Benefect smell like lemon and thyme. It is well tolerated and even liked by the majority of our customers.

Is your packaging recyclable?
Yes, all our bottles and boxes are recyclable.

I am a boat owner.  How will BeneLife Green products work on my boat?
MPC is very specifically safe in aquatic situations.  Benefect Disinfectant is approved for cavity and surface use on boats.  Unlike every other disinfectant, you can comfortable that you are not putting any chemicals into the water.

What will the effect be on my animals if I use this on their cages, houses etc.
Benefect Disinfectant and MPC are very safe for your pet cages, and other pet areas.

Why does it look like something has settled on top of the disinfectant?
Benefect Disinfectant is a “Shake before use product.”  The thyme will separate over time.  Just shake, and it will be good as new.

Can I really replace all of my other cleaners for your MPC?
If you dilute it appropriately, it replaces almost everything but dish soap and laundry soap.  That said, it works great on tough pots & pans.  It also makes a great prespot on kid’s clothes if you dilute about 2 parts water to one part MPC.

My MPC streaks my windows and glass?
That means you added too much cleaner.  Any time you see a slight white film, it means you need to add water, so to clean better, most of the time add more water.

How will I know what dilution to use?
The directions for dilution for the MPC are on the gallon label and the free spray bottle we send you with your purchase. 

Why do you suggest using a microfiber cloth?
Unlike cotton cloth towels, microfiber cloths will kill bacteria.  Together with Benefect Disinfectant or even MPC, it helps keep surfaces clean and & germ free.

I have never used an oven cleaner because I was afraid of the chemicals getting into my food.  Can I use your Atomic?
100% botanical Atomic works great as an oven cleaner.  If you haven’t cleaned it in years, use full strength Atomic.  If it’s part of a regular cleaning process, use half water/half Atomic.  For the BBQ, half and half works great, rinse with tap water, and it’s ready to use.

Why should I use your green cleaner over Greening the Cleaning or Seventh Generation?
These are good products.  Each of these products cost about $4.00 to $5.00 a quart.  With these products, you need different products for different purposes: window cleaner for windows, general purpose for other things, etc.  They are not concentrated, so every quart requires a new bottle. 

Our Multi Purpose Cleaner carries the safest green certification for environmental safety, aquatic safety, and hypersensitivity, Environmental Choice CCD 146-i.  No other formulation has this certification.  One product cleans everything from windows and wood floors to carpets and toilets.  It’s concentrated, so you save putting plastic in the trash or recycle, and it costs about 19 cents a quart for general purpose cleaning.


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